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What is penner?

With every shoe you purchase,

10% of profits go to supporting artists around the world.


Hi, I'm Andrew, the founder of Penner Footwear. I love everything about shoes, and I always have since I was 8 years old falling asleep next to a new pair of Nikes like a stuffed animal. I love the design process, the materials, the leather, the smell, the craftsmanship, and the silhouette of a beautiful last. I really do!

I studied shoe making at the London College of Fashion where I received one on one mentorship from some of the most experienced shoe makers in the world. My obsession with shoe design has been poured into every aspect of Penner. I quite literally spared no expense in creating a shoe that I could not be more proud of. I couldn't have it any other way.


When you try these shoes on, and you think to yourself, "whoa, these are really comfortable". Trust me, that was no accident. That was years of experience. That was the finest leather in the world. That was clever design tweaks after countless tests. That was careful craftsmanship.


These shoes are like no other. They are the result of a lifetime of love and obsession for well crafted footwear. I genuinely hope you love them. :)


Over the years, I've been very fortunate to develop great friendships with many artists. I love what they do. I love their passion for their craft. I love the strong vibrant community of creative entrepreneurs that selflessly support each other.

Over time I have realized that many of these talented artists struggle with the business and marketing side of their dream to share their art with the world. 

That is why we at Penner Footwear are building a foundation, whose sole purpose is to support creative entrepreneurs in real, meaningful ways. That is why with every shoe you purchase 10% goes directly to this foundation.


  • Interview great creative entrepreneurs and share their story.

  • Provide trusted, tested, and vetted business advice and resources tailored for modern creative entrepreneurs regarding everything from inventory management, to taxes, to sourcing high quality, low cost suppliers.

  • Connect aspiring artists with leaders in their industries in order to provide industry specific knowledge and advice.

  • Conduct workshops on photography basics and marketing skills, hosted by local industry leaders.

  • Provide individually tailored guidance and feedback through our Penner Foundation Program.


You can now order the shoes on

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