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Pastry Chef

Marie is a pastry chef from Moscow, Russia who uses her experience in architectural design to create one-of-a-kind pastry creations.

What's your story?

All those who hear my story laugh and do not believe it. I fell in love with cooking and pastry when I went on a diet. In the process of losing weight I realized that clean eating is necessary for successful weight loss. First, I cooked very simple dishes, but then I fell in love with the process of preparing healthy and low-fat desserts. It was highly appreciated by my family and friends.

One day my mom gave me a book with recipes of low-fat and sugar-free desserts. I remember my first cottage cheese jelly that did not freeze but flowed on my plate. But I really enjoyed the process. I started to learn more and more recipes from the book, until I realized that cooking classic sweets is much more interesting.

I was not afraid of difficulties, so first I cooked the macarons that, of course, did not turn out well. But the second dessert was a success. It was a difficult mousse cake "Ruby Pearl" from pastry chef Luca Montersino with a mirror glaze and chocolate decoration. I made it for my mother to celebrate her successful defense of her Ph.D. thesis. That's when everything started to change.

Chocolate Bubble Pastry

What's your creative process?

Creation of dessert is my hobby, my passion, the light of my life. I am happy that now I am able to combine my favorite work with earning money. I think that is something that should be pursued. Inspiration is all around us. I'm inspired by nature, trips, interesting experiences and different cities. I can cook all day long. I am pleased to notice smiles of people tasting my desserts. I enjoy people telling me a lot of pleasant and kind words. All this gives my life energy and makes me happy.

Purple Bell Cake

What makes your work unique?

I am an architect. I think my architectural and creative education helps me to create something new and extraordinary. I am creating a mix of architecture construction and desserts. I often draw with chocolate on my cakes. I create the chocolate cities or gardens, chocolate flowers or animals. I think I'm able to give the world something new!

Jaguar Pastry

What advice do you have for other aspiring pastry chefs?

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! I always keep in mind the wonderful phrase: "it's just a cake" (unfortunately, I don’t know the author). Let this be the motto of your great future career. Learn from your mistakes, take from them the maximum benefit, don’t be afraid to experiment, and try new things. Think outside the box. Try to surprise yourself! And most of all: just have fun with this sweet and beautiful process!

Gold Castle Pastry

Where can we find your work?

Now I constantly make cakes on order. For every order I create a unique and individual taste and appearance. I conduct master classes, workshops, participate in TV programs, and write articles. I like to share my knowledge!


My dream is to publish my own book with the recipes. And I’m already working on it with my favorite photographer. I often publish my cakes on social networks and on my website. A pastry shop with my desserts will open next year, but shh!

Instagram: @marie_oiseau

Fb: Marie Oiseau 


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