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Marcus Karlsson Sall Profile Photo


Swedish Photographer

Marcus is a freelance photographer who specailizes in capturing the unique architecture and surroundings of his home country of Sweden.

What's your story?

It started a few years ago when my fiance got a camera and I started to borrow it. I got really hooked when I realized that Instagram wasn't all about selfies and foodies but real photography. I thought it was great that someone other than me liked my photos and it grew from there. I absorbed everything I could from tutorials plus a few books and I started to experiment with my photography and tried every genre I found interesting. Today I'm an architecture photographer who still likes to photograph anything interesting and experiment.

tree reflection photo

What's your creative process?

It depends on what I'm photographing and for whom. If it's for a client I always research online to see what photographers before me have done to learn who the best are and what shots I should avoid. This way I also get a feeling of the building or the area and I can more easily find my way around. If I shoot for myself I improvise more but it's always great to research the area to see what's interesting to shoot. Apart from that I check other photographers for inspiration and to learn something new.

black and white architecture photo

What makes your work unique?

I don't think my work is unique but I know what I want to photograph and I do like to experiment which sets me apart a bit from most. I always try and find parts that no one has realized are there before and photograph a subject in a new way.

abstract black and white chair photo

What advice do you have for other aspiring artists?

Learn composition, master it and then break the rules you've learned when it's needed. Also photograph as much as you can, when ever you can with every possible lens you have or can borrow. Practice makes perfect and always have fun doing it.

black and white pier horizon photo

Where can we find your work?

You can find my work on and on instagram @marcus_ks

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