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Connecting With The Heart And Soul Of A AA Battery Customer

When it comes to marketing clout, is there anyone who can claim more status and prestige than the CMO's of battery companies? No. But among the chosen few, who will rein supreme? And how will they achieve their immortal glory?

Target vs Nike

Who does a better job of indulging their core audience and what can they learn from each other?

AB Testing: A Marketer's Greatest Weapon?

CMO's are finding ways to market sustainability that don't appeal to our tribal instincts.

"Watched More Than 3 Seconds"

Finding ways around IOS "Tracking - Do Not Allow" can be tricky. Do retargeting Meta sources like videos and forms fix this problem?

TikTok Real Time Face Filters Vs AI Text To Video Prompt

Which is more impressive? Which is more revolutionary. What will the combination produce?

Educational and Insight Content. What Really Works.

Podcasts, clips, articles, interviews, documentaries. Is there a better way to warm up an audience? Is there a worse way?

Produce A Movie With AI That Isn't Total Garbage?

/Produce a  movie written in the style of Spielberg and shot in the style of *some famous cinematographer. Make it a crime drama with people who look like my TikTok feed and camera roll.

What Does It Mean To Be Authentic?

A product video in the style of an amateur? Asking an amateur to shoot a video as if the talk about the product in their free time? Company employees on social feeds? Trying hard to be yourself?

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