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Water Colorist


Heidi is a phenomenal watercolorist from Austin, Texas who uses her unique mosaic style to create one breath-taking masterpiece after another. 

What's your story?

I wanted to paint ever since I was little. I dabbled with watercolors over the years, but I got really into them after becoming a mom. Initially I was just looking for a media that required less clean up because my time was limited. After painting with watercolors for several years I fell in love with the flow. I am a type A personality and watercolors really require that I relax and go with the flow both literally and metaphorically. :) 

watercolor painting woman in space

What's your creative process?

My creative process... I create my work one small piece at a time. It requires that I leave the surrounding area of my watercolor untouched while the painted piece dries. It requires a lot of patience.

watercolor painting snake

What makes your work unique?

My work is unique because I create semi-realistic watercolor "mosaics" of living creatures. I usually end up reading about the animals when I paint them and figuring out what lessons they can offer to my life. I am also really interested in permaculture and sustainability so I think that shows up in my work as well.

watercolor painting fish

What advice do you have for other watercolorists?

My advice for other aspiring watercolorists is to paint as often as you can, and experiment. I think experimenting is what leads to synthesizing ideas.

watercolor painting butterflies

Where can we find your work?

You can find my work online at

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