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We work on fun projects with passionate people who take pride in their work.

We are looking to partner with these types of professionals.


Experienced in screenwriting or copywriting. Able to generate several competing ideas.


Experienced in producing films. Comfortable scheduling, contracting, and managing a crew for multi-day shoots.


Experienced in film post production. Confident with editing, compositing, color grading, and rendering.


Guides and manages the actors and film crew, interprets scripts, and ensures the visual storytelling aligns with the desired narrative style

Assistant Director

Coordinate daily activities, ensure compliance with regulations and internal policies, and monitor the achievement of objectives.

Casting Director

Finds the stars to bring the characters in a film to life. She reads scripts and meets with producers and directors to get a sense of the type of person they are looking for.

Director of Photography

 Responsible for everything that involves capturing images with the camera, including the camera itself, shooting angles and camera movements, film and lens type, lighting, framing, color, and filters.


He manages lighting, including associated resources such as labour, lighting instruments and electrical equipment.

Key Grip

She positions a production's cameras and support equipment.

She is in charge of all the non-electrical gear on set

Key Hair Stylist

She is in charge of creating and styling every character's hair on set.

Key Makeup Artist

He works with talent to help achieve the makeup looks that the department head has designed for the production.

Costume Designer

She is responsible for designing, creating, or purchasing the costumes, and wardrobe that actors wear in a film, television, or stage production.

Sound Producer

Responsible for recording high-quality audio on set and location.

VFX Supervisor

Manages the VFX pipeline, including all of the VFX artists that work in this process.

Head Animator

Animates your project's main character objects. Draws the characters and objects, plots movement, and developing a final three-dimensional rendering using 3D animation software.

Ad Buying

Responsible for negotiating and purchasing ad space and time to reach target audiences. He analyzes target demographics, develops media buying strategies, negotiate rates with media outlets, and optimizes budgets to maximize ad exposure.

Web Design

Establishes design guidelines, standards, and best practices. Maintains the appearance of websites by enforcing content standards. Designs visual imagery for websites and ensures that they are in line with branding for clients. Works with different content management systems.

Consumer Analytics

Provides insights, key learnings and client centricity to the organization in order to better understand customers and drive acquisition, retention and advocacy.

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