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Repeatable Results

Success Metrics

Surveys indicate growing positive awareness and sentiment.

Social media shares, comments, and follows increase.

Brand name searches on Google and Bing increase.

Product sales and return on ad spend increase.

Our Method

1. Create Target Customer Profile With Narrow Use Case

Customer Interviews


Determine target age, gender, location, income level, and a narrowly defined product use case. Interview individuals who fit all criteria and identify their common tastes in music, clothing, colors, lighting, tone, mood, and settings.

Social Follower Analysis

Conduct analysis of social media followers and comments on brand-owned and competitor accounts. Record common tastes in music, clothing, colors, lighting, tone, mood, and settings.


2. Ideate 6 Competing Ad Creatives & Validate

Storyboard & Treatment

The storyboard is to showcase the story and slogan. The treatment is to showcase the tone, mood, and aesthetic. All storyboards & treatments are presented to a focus group of customers who fit the target customer profile.

Feedback & Edits


In determining the top performers, prioritize the creatives that garner the strongest emotional response and desire to share with friends. Identify useful and relevant feedback for top performers and make appropriate edits.

Storyboard and Treatment

3. Produce Top 2 Performers

Contracting Talent


Identify and contract directors, actors, locations, and stylists whose previous work captures the desired tone, mood, and aesthetic most aggressively. 



Produce both ad creatives while consulting relevant internal company marketing leaders at key production milestones to ensure all creative assets are cohesive with existing brand values and identity.


4. Select Targeted Media Placement and Perform AB Tests



Select the digital platforms where the target customer's attention can be captured. Run digital media campaigns that optimize for awareness and then retarget individuals who who show high engagement as demonstrated by watch time.



Run both ad creatives at the same time on multiple platforms. Optimize placement and budgets as engagement and conversion KPI's dictate. Monitor success metrics, including sentiment surveys, social media engagement, search engine queries, and product sales. 

Media Placement

With over a decade of experience, we have found no better way to build ad creatives that consistently resonate with customers in a way that leads to enduring brand loyalty and industry leading return on ad spend.

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