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Anedrew Coburn Artist Profile

What's your story?

My story as a street photographer starts at a very tender age. I was always walking around with a camera, capturing almost everything I could. This is the start of basically every photographer’s career, but mine was different. I had a unique ability that I discovered when I was younger: I could easily remember different people’s faces as they passed me by on the street and I always used to wonder what stories lay beneath the masks they put on for society. So at 6 years old I started capturing these moments and analysing their faces behind the frames. I have been trying to divulge their secrets ever since.

Black and White Street Photo Couple

What's your creative process?

The thing about my street photography is that it requires no creative process. It is the capturing of people in their raw, natural states. My shooting is my way of life. I try to deepen the photos that I have every day and I wake up every morning with a new mind-set or method to capture my subjects in the best light possible.  I define what my shots will be like and I am the developer thereof. This is what keeps my art alive and kicking. 

Black and White Street Photo Young Woman

What makes your work unique?

Many people ask me why my work is unique, but I am not able to answer them. My work is not unique; my subjects are. Human beings are so interesting and I try to capture their differences by using different angles on different days. They ultimately determine how my photos will be viewed by people and that, I would say, is where the unique quality lies in the art of street photography: just everyday people doing what they need to do on a regular basis.


I have received a lot of advice from photographers I view as my role models and they helped me to reach my dream. 

Black and White Street Photo Man Smiling

What advice do you have for other aspiring street photographers?

My advice to those who want to follow in the footsteps of street photography would be to follow your own heart. Shoot from what you know and your own point of view. Learn from your mistakes, from your photography, and from the people you capture. Relax when you hit the streets. Take your time before you press the shutter and feel the art move inside you. 


Most importantly, however: love the people that you shoot as much as you can, because this will shine through in your frames.

Black and White Stree Photo Smiling Woman

Where can we find your work?

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